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Offers information and advice on how to survive and thrive in the workplace, including interview dos and don'ts and tips on communicating with coworkers.

With a fabulous design and instructive full-color illustrations throughout, this book by top L.A. designer Bayou takes the fear out of shopping and gives women of every shape the gift of confidence they deserve.

Discover how to unleash your passionate, playful goddess within by using the positive, natural forces all around us—magick. Blending magickal techniques and the principles of female empowerment, this fun, easy-to-follow guidebook demonstrates how to attract true love and rekindle romance. With warmth and humor, Ellen Dugan introduces love magick and its rules. You'll find a wide array of simple rituals, charms, and spells to catch someone's eye, call on Aphrodite for help, and more. Single and married women will also find practical advice on flirting and seduction, enhancing one's appearance, and making the most of your magnetic feminine power. With confidence and a positive attitude, you''ll learn how to draw love energy into your life to keep the flames of passion burning brightly.

HOW DO YOU MAKE IT IN BUSINESS? STOP LISTENING AND START WATCHING Your Body at Work is a guide to seeing past the words that fill the hallways, conference rooms, and e-mails of your workplace, and to deciphering the hidden meanings that lie behind them. Through real-life examples from the world of business, and with background from the science of communication, you'll learn to sight-read colleagues and use your own body language to your best advantage. You'll find out: • How a co-worker's hands, much more than her words, tell you how she felt about your presentation • Why gestures at a meeting are more memorable than words • When a shrug of the shoulders can mean the difference between "job well done" and "job could be better" • How to train a nosy boss to back off—without uttering a single word • What your shoes and your hair may be saying about your commitment to the job • Why you'll find more smiley-face stickers in cubicles than in corner offices David Givens has been a consultant to some of the biggest companies in the United States. With his expertise, he'll help you look past the words so you can really read your workplace.

How long does it take to decide if a person is hot? Is your lover more likely to get you pregnant than your husband? Can men tell when a woman is fertile? If you’ve ever wondered how scientists measure love—or whether men really prefer blondes over brunettes—this smart, sexy book provides real answers to these and many other questions about our most baffling dating and mating behaviors. Based on the latest research in biology, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive science, Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes? dares to explain the science behind sex—and opens a fascinating window on the intriguing phenomenon of love and attraction. Covering the areas of bodies, brains, and behavior, this eye-opening guide reveals the genetic, hormonal, and psychological secrets behind what makes us tick sexually. For example, do you know why a man’s body chemistry and behavior change when he’s in a committed relationship? And why, when he becomes a daddy, his testosterone level seems to plummet? And did you know… • When a couple first fall in love, their brains are indistinguishable from those of the clinically insane • You can tell a lot about a person’s sexual chemistry just by looking at his or her hands • Your genes influence whose body odors you prefer • Being around breast-feeding women may increase a woman's sex drive Viewed through the lens of science and instinct, your love life might be seen in a completely different way. Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes? provides both an in-depth exploration into our sexual psyches—and fresh advice for men and women who want to discover the secrets of successful relationships. From the Hardcover edition.

What others say is not always what they think or feel. But, people's gestures do give away their true intentions, and, for those who know how to read it, the body speaks volumes. This book is a tool to help you interpret other people's signals correctly, and how to understand what is really being said.

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