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The History of Armour 1100 - 1700 offers a detailed account of how armour developed through the Medieval, Tudor, Elizabethan and Civil War eras, carefully itemizing the subtle changes over a six hundred year period. Each chapter focuses on an individual area of body protection, charting the evolution of each piece over time, from helmets and chest protection to arm guards, gauntlets, leg guards and sabatons. The book also encompasses the use of weaponry and its evolution, including protection for the horse.With the aid of the author's superb photographs and illustrations, the book looks at how fashions, as well as its protective qualities, influenced the style of armour. Valuable information has been acquired through the study of effigies over a number of years, and using these existing artifacts, supplemented by the author's meticulous illustrations and practical knowlege of armour construction, it has been possible to reconstruct the design and appearance of a wide range of armour. A meticulous study of the development of the knight's protective armour and weaponry over a six hundred year period. Through the study of effigies over a number of years, the author has been able to reconstruct the design of a wide range of armour. An invaluable resource for historians, re-enactors, collectors and all those with an interest in miltiary or medieval history. Superbly illustrated with 275 colour photographs and illustrations. Paul Walker gives lectures in armour and weapons for English Heritage and has a lifelong interest in historical warfare.

This commentary highlights both the socio-political context of 1 Corinthians and the clash of significantly different religious viewpoints represented by Paul and the congregation he had founded in Corinth. In particular, Richard Horsley shows that this letter provides a window through which one may view the tension between the Corinthians' interest in cultivating individual spirituality and the apostle's concern for building up a social-religious community devoted to the common advantage, for the flourishing both of personal dignity and a humanizing solidarity.

Describes the cultural, historical, and scientific aspects of hairdressing and hairstyling throughout history.

The subjects of the essays in this book range from looking at the ever changing means of specific garments and clothing practices of subcultural groups to examining dress as a reflection of changing life styles in American culture. The essays also examine fashions, fads, and popular images. Dress and Popular Culture hopes to shed new light on popular culture through a study of the associations of dress to culture.

Your Book of Love is divided into six cool chapters. Using a few of the most popular new age techniques, you’ll find all of the answers you seek under this one cover! The first chapter is about astrology, which is based on a person’s birth information. In making this section easy to understand for cosmic newcomers, we will only focus on a person’s sun sign, which is based on his or her birthday. For advanced astrology students and those who want to learn more, I suggest that you seek out a professional astrologer who will use the rising and moon signs as well as other planetary positions to look at your natal chart. However, this chapter will give you a pretty good idea of an individual’s basic personality and relationship needs. Look for the compatibility guide, which lists 144 combinations of who’s hot and who’s not. There are suggestions on how to attract the guy or girl of your dreams, as well as ideas for a fabulous first date. Wanna know what a stubborn Taurus is really looking for in love? Would your personality clash with a freedom-loving Sagittarius? Read on for solid and in-depth love advice

Black is Beautiful identifies and explores the most significant philosophical issues that emerge from the aesthetic dimensions of black life, providing a long-overdue synthesis and the first extended philosophical treatment of this crucial subject. The first extended philosophical treatment of an important subject that has been almost entirely neglected by philosophical aesthetics and philosophy of art Takes an important step in assembling black aesthetics as an object of philosophical study Unites two areas of scholarship for the first time – philosophical aesthetics and black cultural theory, dissolving the dilemma of either studying philosophy, or studying black expressive culture Brings a wide range of fields into conversation with one another– from visual culture studies and art history to analytic philosophy to musicology – producing mutually illuminating approaches that challenge some of the basic suppositions of each Well-balanced, up-to-date, and beautifully written as well as inventive and insightful

Even when he was a prototype of European identity, Paul transgressed the limits of Europe. It is not clear whether he was conformist or rebellious, orthodox or liberal, sexist, or egalitarian. Instead of pushing the Apostle into the arbitrary categories of modern European identity, Fatima Tofighi takes into account the challenge that Paul brings to normative conceptions of political theology (Rom 13), 'religion' (Gal 2.12-14), and women's veiling (1 Cor 11. 5-16). Alternative interpretations of these passages, with the help of postmodern theory, both solve the major problems of biblical exegesis and offer a critique of the allegedly well-defined European categories.

Full color hardcover version without dust jacket: Watching From Within is set long into a future where thoughts are as physically powerful as deeds. Winding throughout this exciting, time-sliced tale of science fantasy, is a touching love story, a dramatic, high-tech murder investigation and a captivating account of a sect of dreadful zealots, a tech-adverse militia, dead set against the advancement of nanotechnology regardless of its benefit to humankind. In the center of each illusionary, seemingly magic-filled stream, is Dr. Jesse Baine, a young assistant research professor at New Harbor University, caught up in a chaotic nightmare from which he struggles to awaken. He is the kaleidoscopic mind behind the next major stride in the evolution of human technological achievement- whether he knows it or not!

How to become a cocktail party siren and take your social life by storm! Bon vivant Babe Scott – otherwise known as The Lazy Hostess – wants to introduce all you domestically challenged divas to the world of no-fuss, come-hither hospitality. She will show you how to seamlessly throw together stress-free soirées that your friends will be chattering about for years! With her tongue firmly in her cheek, Babe lays out on a platter everything you need to know to entertain like a queen without emptying your wallet, including: Recipes for easy-to-shake signature cocktails Decadent hors d’oeuvres that are devilishly simple to make Hundreds of tips, from how to spruce up your abode to preparing for an after-party guest who might stay the night You will even find out how to get rid of those lingering guests who have overstayed their welcome. In fact, the only thing this book doesn't do is the washing up!

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