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Casual hairstyle with layers and messiness Alexandra Chando Hairstyles for 2017 | Celebrity, 33 Cute Girl Hairstyles You Should Try Today | CreativeFan Die besten 25+ Stufenschnitt mittellang Ideen auf ...

Discover the all-important secrets to looking years younger than your age. “Look Younger, Slimmer & Chic Affordably” gives you all the beauty tricks and fashion tips you need to look youthful, sexy, sophisticated, and much slimmer in your clothes. You will learn: • Makeup tricks that really work and make you look instantly radiant, beautiful, and literally decades younger. • What makeup to use and which items you should throw away so that you will always look young and fresh. • Which hairstyles and hair colors look youthful, and enhance both the complexion and features of women over forty. • How to keep your skin looking healthy, young, and vibrant. • How to keep your hands looking youthful and your nails in top shape. • Tips on how to lower your weight and fight cravings. • How to wear statement necklaces, earrings, and rings, and how to maintain your jewelry so that your favorite items are always gleaming and fabulous. • How to choose the right lingerie for your figure, and tips on looking bustier and slimmer in the bedroom. • How to stay on-trend and fashion-wise, while looking inches slimmer and years younger in clothes. • Must-have clothes and accessories that will make your wardrobe look expensive. • How to add designer clothes and accessories to your wardrobe in an affordable way. By following the simple advice offered, you will look years younger from head to toe. By adding specific items to your wardrobe, your clothes will look like they cost a fortune. And by polishing your style, you will look instantly chic. Product recommendations for makeup, hair care, nail care, skincare, and shapewear are included.

Perfect for any reader interested in fashion, history, or popular culture, this text is an essential resource that presents vital information and informed analysis of key fashion fads not found elsewhere. • Provides high school and college students with interesting information about the direct connections between fashion trends and history that is not available elsewhere in a scholarly source • Presents a multi-dimensional approach to understanding the ever-changing fads in the world of fashion, allowing students to recognize the meaning behind clothes and better think critically about what is presented to them through their peers and celebrity culture or sold to them by advertisers • Offers readers easy access to original source material • Supports the national social studies standard CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.11-12.7, which requires students to integrate information from diverse sources into an essay on American history

Offers easy-to-follow instructions for creating over one hundred hairstyles for all hair types, including tips on hair care, styling basics, and matching styles with face shapes and skin tones.

"Look your best and boost your self-esteem and confidence with the advice of Marie Claire, one of today's hottest fashion magazines. It isn't about following the latest makeup trends, wearing the color of the moment, or cutting your hair in the trendiest style. It's about finding out what suits you. Whether you've never experimented with different hairstyles or makeup, or are stuck in a beauty rut, make the most of your looks without a lot of fuss." - back cover.

The Theory: if you're always getting dumped it's because you're dating people who are better than you. If you're always dumping people it's because you're dating people that aren't good enough for you. Rate yourself and others, only date those who rate the same as you! The Method: Start rating, using the book's fast and fun 1-10 score. Ratings are based on four areas; face, body, personality, and life situation. The Book: The Rating Game: The Foolproof Formula for Finding Your Perfect Soul Mate is the ultimate guide to finding the person who's right for you. Utilize the easy and fast points system and start dating the right people right now!

In this unique, 12-week plan, you'll discover: The amazingly simple method that has been scientifically proven to actually help you lose weight. In cludes a fun quiz that will help you identify new activities, a handy way to figure out serving sizes, a quick self-test that will help you pick the right clothes, and more!

A comprehensive, practical guide to professional make-up, this text has a special emphasis on creativity and developing individual style and skills. Also covers: creating fashion and photographic image, cosmetic camouflage and body art, hairstyling and wigs, and how to run a successful business as a make-up artist.

Will you make the cut? Get a head start to your career in the hairdressing industry with this Australian text, developed to support students completing the Certificate III in Hairdressing qualification. With over 175 photos and images A Head Start to Hairdressing provides the foundation to this creative and vibrant profession all in one volume. Basic salon and customer service skills, haircutting techniques hair design and colour, as well as hairdressing science and cosmetic chemistry are all presented in plain English and full colour – bringing the theory of hairdressing to life.

Features software workshops for 3ds Max, Maya, CINEMA 4D, Lightwave, and Softimage XSI. Hot, hotter, hottest. See how today's leading modeling artists create 3D characters that sizzle and get the techniques you'll need to create your own virtual vixens. Steven Stahlberg, Liam Kemp, Marco Patrito, and Sze Jones from Blur Studio are just a few of the 3D artists who share their secrets for making the fantasy females you wish were real. You'll get their personal stories, insights into the profession, and new ways to conceive and construct your own 3D characters. Then, seven hands-on workshops demonstrate the complete work cycle of modeling 3D characters to bring your own fantasies to life-from making the first sketch and preparing the template to modeling and texturing characters and lighting and rendering. You can use the techniques with any of the major software tools including 3ds Max, Lightwave, Softimage XSI, Maya, or Cinema 4D. Since the workshops don't use any previously made objects, you'll get to start from scratch with your imagination as the only limit. Participants: Andrea Bertaccini Max Edwin Wahyudi Sze Jones Liam Kemp Arndt von Koenigsmarck K. C. Lee Daniel Moreno Diaz Marco Patrito Steven Stahlberg Francois de Swardt

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