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You can feel like yourself again Hot flashes and sleepless nights? Feeling anxious and irritable? Frustrated with weight gain? It's time for a makeover—a menopause makeover! Based on the latest scientific research, and designed for both pre- and post-menopausal women, The Menopause Makeover is a proven, eight-step program to help you reclaim your health—and your life. – Evaluate if hormone therapy is right for you. – Beat belly bulge with The Menopause Makeover food pyramid and recipes. – Tone up and trim down with The Menopause Makeover fitness formula. – Boost your libido and learn to love intimacy again. – Regain your vibrant, youthful glow with essential beauty tips. – Manage stress and get off the mood-swing roller coaster. – Stay motivated with self-assessments and tools to track your progress.

Lose years in minutes! Includes more than 100 instant makeovers to help you look and feel younger-today. Get smoother skin, thicker hair and a brighter smile. Plus, sleep more soundly, banish stress, eat better and feel great about yourself. You'll discover how to play up your best features, choose flattering colors, fashions and hairstyles, get a good night's rest every night, shop for the best anti-aging products that really work, and feel years younger and light-years more confident! Created by the editorial team of Woman's Day magazine, the book features a new group of test panelists specially recruited to demonstrate the anti-aging makeovers. Bonus: product recommendations from the latest Good Housekeeping Anti-Aging Skincare, Hair and Makeup Awards and dozens of youth-boosting recipes from Today show nutrition and health expert Joy Bauer, MS, RD. Color photos throughout. Praise for the New York Times bestseller, 7 Years Younger "Follow this plan-it works!" -Dr. Oz; Professor and Vice-chair of Surgery, NYP-Columbia Medical Center; host of The Dr. Oz Show; and founding editor of Dr. Oz The Good Life Praise for 7 Years Younger The Anti-Aging Breakthrough Diet "This diet contains innovative weight-loss tools that can work for anybody. Use them - and you'll achieve the dream of a thinner, firmer, and more youthful body. . ." -Daily Mail

With the explosion of the World Wide Web, planning a wedding has never been more fun or filled with so many choices! The Internet allows you to personalize your wedding, find great ideas, prices, items you want and sometimes items you never knew existed. Best of all, you can shop anytime of day 24/7, in any type of weather, any kind of dress, and you don't have to worry about parking or salespeople. Laptop Bride's focus is to help you find what you are looking for quickly while saving aggravation and money. For example, who would have thought that you could rent a chocolate fountain over the internet? Well, you can! Perhaps the groom wants to forego the tux and wear an Elvis jumpsuit instead. Want to surprise your groom? Have a U.S. Flag flown over the capitol on your wedding day. Simply go to HomeofHeroes.com and order your flag (in advance of course) to fly at the exact time of your wedding! Need a recipe and directions to make the groom an armadillo cake? We have the links. We have links for designer gowns, veils, favors and more. Let's face it; shopping on-line is the ultimate in convenience, opportunity and fun.

Men and luck don't mix for Sophie Reid.Ten years ago her father abandoned her and her mother for a younger, richer woman. the majority of boys her age ignore her. and now her boyfriend - the missionary she waited faithfully for over the last two years -- dumped her at the airport for a beautiful brunette he met in the mission field. Hurt and humiliated, Sophie vows to get even with Blake and get over him - fast.Desperate for a full-scale makeover, Sophie is determined to shake off the girl she was and become the woman she wants to be. Standing up to her incredibly snobby relatives and getting back into the dating game proves to be easier than she thought, but can she trust the men she dates? Paul seems nice, but Sophie suspects he might be in love with another girl, and she's not about to put up with that again. Sam makes her heart flutter, but what about his psychotic ex-girlfriend - is Sophie in any danger? and to top it off, it appears that Blake may still love her. But will she allow herself to trust him again?With the help of her best friend, Jacie, and her mother, Candy, Sophie comes to realize that the most important kind of makeover has more to do with love and forgiveness than with scissors and highlights.

Revealing, through stunning makeovers of twenty "ordinary" women, the secrets to inner and outer beauty, America's top hair stylist offers simple beauty techniques any woman can practice

With all of the demands made on moms these days, it's no wonder they can end up overwhelmed, disorganized, unhealthy, and empty. Enter Hannah Keeley to the rescue! Keeley--founder of TotalMom.com, author, speaker, television personality, life coach, and full-time homeschooling mother of seven--knows of what she speaks. By following her simple and inspiring program, Keeley promises in just six weeks mothers everywhere can: - look better and sexier than ever - create beautiful, clean, clutter-free homes - build great relationships with their husbands and kids - cook healthy meals for their families - control chaos, fear, and worry in their lives - and much more With advice and tips on everything from housecleaning to personal growth, HANNAH KEELEY'S TOTAL MOM MAKEOVER is a must-have for any mother ready to reinvent herself and her family and to live life to the fullest.

Bennett draws from her experience in fashion, modeling, and ministry to present women with a deeper, godly sense of self, beauty, and identity. Devotional and practical, each makeover minute flows with reflections, Scriptures, beauty tips, and prayers for a mini-spiritual spa retreat to help women make healthy, soulful changes that are transforming and lasting.

When it came to reinventing a client's image, Maddie Sinclair knew just what to do. But when it came to her own remake, she didn't have a clue. Until photographer Dan Willis took one look at her and knew the most photogenic models in the world couldn't compare to what he saw in Maddie. She was a rare and true beauty, from rher flashing eyes and easy smile to her genuine kindness. Now, no one could be more willing than Dan to play fairy godfather, but was he ready for other men to learn what he already knew: Maddie was gorgeous…inside and out!

"This study identifies the makeover film as a specific genre with a history and conventions of its own. Groupings of films emerge: Cinderella films; teen transformations, like She's All That (1999) and Clueless (1995); films cut to fit the Pygmalion pattern, like Shampoo (1975) and Up Close and Personal (1996); and films that feature more mature, wiser heroines, like Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974) and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002). This study closely considers the handling and cultural implications of the makeovers. Most importantly, the authors explore why female viewers respond so enthusiastically to a genre that implies women need to be transformed."--BOOK JACKET.

When we imagine the activities of Asian American women in the mid-twentieth century, our first thoughts are not of skiing, beauty pageants, magazine reading, and sororities. Yet, Shirley Jennifer Lim argues, these are precisely the sorts of leisure practices many second generation Chinese, Filipina, and Japanese American women engaged in during this time. In A Feeling of Belonging, Lim highlights the cultural activities of young, predominantly unmarried Asian American women from 1930 to 1960. This period marks a crucial generation—the first in which American-born Asians formed a critical mass and began to make their presence felt in the United States. Though they were distinguished from previous generations by their American citizenship, it was only through these seemingly mundane “American”activities that they were able to overcome two-dimensional stereotypes of themselves as kimono-clad “Orientals.” Lim traces the diverse ways in which these young women sought claim to cultural citizenship, exploring such topics as the nation's first Asian American sorority, Chi Alpha Δ the cultural work of Chinese American actress Anna May Wong; Asian American youth culture and beauty pageants; and the achievement of fame of three foreign-born Asian women in the late 1950s. By wearing poodle skirts, going to the beach, and producing magazines, she argues, they asserted not just their American-ness, but their humanity: a feeling of belonging.

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