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Boho Chic Week: Beach Wave Hair | Mommy Chic Drew Barrymore Hairstyle Margot Robbie hairstyles: Her latest red carpet looks, Selena Gomez is White Hot in Casadei Pumps Not brown, not blonde: Would ‘bronde’ hair suit you? - BT

Brightly colored pins styled into fun patterns and designs are the hottest new trend in hairstyling, and Pin It! gives short- and long-haired fashionistas the know-how to create 20 colorful bobby pin hairstyles for everything from an afternoon trip to the mall to an elegant party. Step-by-step photos make it easy for anyone to follow along, and the unique looks appeal to trendy teens and stylish young women as well as parents looking for a wholesome hair-styling book with fresh-faced appeal. With style tips to pull it all together and five DIY projects for personalizing bright and sparkly pins, this is the new must-have beauty book.

Nothing beats the feeling of stepping out of the salon with gorgeous, expertly styled hair. Now readers can have that feeling every day--and at a fraction of the cost of routine salon visits!--by creating their own professional-quality hairstyles at home. Packed with 50 DIY hairdos, from classic coifs to today's hottest looks, Idiot's Guides®: Hairstyles shows readers every loop, twist, and tuck needed to create dozens of sensational styles. In it, readers get: * Buns and braids, pompadour and ponies, and twists and tousles for short, medium-length, and longer hair. * Stunning styles for weddings, proms, and other special occasions. * Pretty styles perfect for matching mother-and-daughter 'dos. * Easy ideas for personalizing styles to create one-of-a-kind looks. * Simple solutions for creating volume, adding shine, taming frizz, and caring for all types of hair. * Expert advice on the styling tools and products that get the best results.

An enthralling, epic tale of the webs of misinformation that saturate, obscure, and complicate the vagaries of day-to-day life in modern America. It’s 2006, and a cloud of darkness seems to have descended over the Earth—or at least over the minds of a ragtag assortment of Bay Area writers, drug dealers, social workers, porn directors, and Melvin, a street kid and refugee from his Mormon family. A shooter runs amok in an Amish schoolhouse, the president runs amok in the Middle East, a child is kidnapped from Disneyland, and on the local literary scene, a former child prostitute and wunderkind author that nobody has ever met has become a media sensation. But something is fishy about this author, Huey Beauregard, and so Melvin and his friends Felicia and Philip launch an investigation into the webs of self-serving stories, lies, rumors, and propaganda that have come to constitute our sad, fractured reality. Glory Hole is a novel about the ravages of time and the varied consequences of a romantic attitude toward literature and life. It is about AIDS, meth, porn, fake biographies, street outreach, the study of Arabic verb forms, Polish transgender modernists, obsession, and future life forms. It’s about getting lost in the fog, about prison as both metaphor and reality, madness, evil clowns, and mystical texts. Vast and ambitious, comic and tragic, the novel also serves as a version of the I Ching, meaning it can be used as an oracle.

Recent work on the history of migration and the Atlantic World has underscored the importance of the political economies of Europe, Africa, and the Americas in the eighteenth century, emphasizing the impact of these exchanges on political relations and state-building, and on economic structures, commerce, and wealth. Too little of this work explores culture and identity outside the Anglo-American context, especially as reflected through religious developments of radical Pietists and other Germans, the second largest group of migrants to the American colonies in the eighteenth century. This volume offers a fresh vantage point from which to examine the Atlantic World. Quick to traverse the conventional political boundaries that divided European states and American colonies, Moravians departed their homeland to form new congregations in the most cosmopolitan European cities as well as on the North American frontier. Pious Pursuits explores the lives and beliefs of Atlantic World Moravians, as well as their communities and culture, and it provides a new framework for analysis of the Atlantic World that is comparative and transnational. Michele Gillespie is Kahle Associate Professor of History at Wake Forest University. She received her Ph.D. from Princeton University, and is the author of numerous publications including "Free Labor in a Free World: White Artisans in Slaveholding Georgia, 1790-1860." Robert Beachy is Associate Professor of History at Goucher College. He received his PhD from the University of Chicago and is the author of "The Soul of Commerce: Credit, Property, and Politics in Leipzig, 1750-1840." His current book project is "Berlin: Gay Metropolis, 1860-1933."

Spruce up any outfit with your best accessory—your hair! You don’t need to be a professional to get show-stopping hair. Hairstyled presents 75 deceptively simple techniques for creating your favorite high-fashion hairstyles. Dress up your everyday look with a ballerina bun or accessorize with a scarf bow. Turn heads at special occasions with the woven crown braid or a regal bouffant. Each style has how-to photographs that are easy to follow, and chapters dedicated to a variety of hair lengths and textures help you update your look whether you have a pixie cut or long, curly tresses. With product tips and countless ideas for accessorizing your ’do and inventive variations on classic styles, Hairstyled is your guide to getting gorgeous hair every day.

Covers the basics of skin care, hair, and makeup

(Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook). Matching folio to Demi's 2013 release featuring the smash hit "Heart Attack" and 12 others: Fire Starter * Really Don't Care * Made in the U.S.A * Shouldn't Come Back * Something That We're Not * Warrior * and more. Songs are arranged for piano and voice with guitar chord frames.

"The Beauty Buyble" is the definitive guide to all the best beauty buys and products. It takes out the guesswork, making it easier for women to find the best hair care, makeup, skin care, and beauty tools available on the market. The authors, a reporter for "In Style" and a busy mother of two, guide readers to the perfect beauty products for 2007. Dozens of samples included. (Beauty)

Claire's comfortable, moderately caffeinated routine gets a double-espresso jolt when she's given the assignment of promoting an up-and-coming pop band. Suddenly everything is a tad more complicated, and a lot more fun.

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